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LeafSource Research Home Page

Research Summaries

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Dr. Floyd Byers, Texas, Dr. Araba, Morocco

“Impacts on poultry growth and efficiency and cattle digestion parameters indicate positive contributions to animal growth and productivity with LeafSource

“… cattle rumen environment responses indicate substantial and positive rumen function impacts with the LeafSource product.”

University of Wisconsin - River Falls, WI

Dr. P.W. Clark

“The LeafSource product appears to have the potential to positively affect rumen fermentation characteristics and enhance milk yield.”

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, College Station, TX

Dr.C.A Bailey

“Conversions were consistently better in the broilers receiving LeafSource versus the control birds.”

LeafSource significantly decreased relative liver weight (liver weight divided by body weight times 100). This is an interesting finding that may suggest broilers receiving the LeafSource are healthier than the control birds. In many instances a "sick" bird, such as one subjected to aflatoxin poisoning will have significantly larger relative liver weights than the "healthier" control birds.”

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

C.Parks, P.R. Ferket, L.N. Thomas & J.L. Grimes

LeafSource is suspected to alter growth and immune function by alleviating the Adverse effects of dietary electrolyte imbalance, regardless of dietary Crude protein.”

“Feed pellet durability improved linearly as level of LeafSource supplementation increased.”

LeafSource increased cellular immunity (CBH to PHA-P) in birds fed low protein diets.”

Virginia Scientific Research, Inc., Harrisonburg, VA

M.D. Sims

“Final average live weights, average weight gains, feed conversions and mortality were best for the turkeys receiving LeafSource.”

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