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What is LeafSource?

LeafSource is an all natural organic and unadulterated ancient mineral complex in an easy to swallow capsule. LeafSource has been clinically proven to support joint health and mobility.

The complex includes high concentration of humic acid and fulvic acid over 70 trace minerals macro and micro nutrients and plant enzymes. LeafSource has been given the most stringent USDA 100% organic certification.

Following is the list of minerals to be found in LeafSource:

  • Antimony Magnesium Tin
  • Barium Manganese Titanium
  • Beryllium Molybdenum Tungsten
  • Bismuth Niacin Vanadium
  • Boron Nickel Ytterbium
  • Bromine Niobium Yttrium
  • Calcium Osmium Zinc
  • Carbon Palladium Zirconium
  • Cerium Phosphorus
  • Cesium Platinum
  • Chloride Potassium
  • Chromium Rhenium
  • Cobalt Rhodium
  • Copper Rubidium
  • Dysprosium Ruthenium
  • Erbium Samarium
  • Europium Scandium
  • Fluorine Selenium
  • Gadolinium Silicon
  • Gallium Silver
  • Germanium Sodium
  • Gold Strontium
  • Hafnium Sulfur
  • Holmium Tantalum
  • Indium Thallium
  • Iodine Thorium
  • Iron Tellurium
  • Lanthanum Terbium
  • Lutetium Thulium

How does LeafSource work?

  • Your body is in a constant state of break down and repair. This is the way we are designed. When we are young – or at least feel young – our bodies are replenishing, replacing and repairing worn out cells at an astonishing rate.
  • But when we get older – or feel old – our bodies are not as able to keep up with the break down state of affairs and we breakdown at a faster rate than the body is able to repair the damage. This is called aging - or premature aging - and it is the main reason we experience joint wear and tear, pain, inflammation and limited ability to move around freely.
  • A large part of the body’s ability to rebuild, replace and repair comes from natural elements called trace minerals, which largely control this repair process.
  • Unfortunately too many of us are starved for these trace minerals or we get them in the wrong forms over time, the forms your body are unable to absorb or use properly.
  • Now this is very important and obviously makes sense because young people rarely have joint problems and they have horrible diets and this is also why osteoarthritis cases in women triple at menopause.
  • So the secret is to give your body the specific nutrients, vitamins and minerals an aging or mature body needs, to help your body heal itself and therefore naturally improve your joint pain from within.
  • This way you wont have all the negative side effects and it’s more of a permanent long-term solution rather than a temporary fix.
  • Ideally your body needs to absorb these essential nutrients so an organic bio-available source is best, not the inorganic non-absorbed 'manufactured' varieties.

Does it work for Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or Auto-Immune disorders like Psoriasis ?

LeafSource is not an anti-inflammatory as much as it helps the body naturally balance optimal inflammation. What this means is if you have unnaturally high levels of inflammation LeafSource will help your body to lower inflammation. There are some instances where your body may have unhealthy low levels of inflammation which typically cause stomach ulcers and other side effects common to NSAIDS and other anti inflammatory drugs. LeafSource helps the body to balance inflammation to prevent bleeding ulcers and digestive issues.

Will my doctor approve?

EverOrganics cannot diagnose or recommend medical advice. LeafSource is a powerful detoxifier of heavy metals in the body as well as other toxins which can alter levels of drugs in the body. Although most issues can be avoided by taking LeafSource two hours before or after any medications EverOrganics suggests you consult your doctor prior to taking LeafSource.

Can I take LeafSource if I have a sensitive stomach?

In the case of a sensitive stomach, start with one capsule per day, gradually increasing the number of capsules to the recommended dose over 14 days. People with GI conditions have been reporting benefits from taking LeafSource. The mineral structure and humic acid in LeafSource has detoxifying properties helping to cleanse the digestive system and aid in stimulating growth of good bacterias known as pro-biotics in the stomach.

Are there any bad side effects?

There have been no reported negative side effects in over twelve years LeafSource has been available to the public.

Is LeafSource like Glucosomine?

LeafSource has a far more rapid onset of benefits as well as broader benefits. This is because LeafSource helps your body maintain healthy low levels of inflammation and helps detoxify your body rather than providing a substance the body already produces.

What is the difference between LeafSource and other mineral compilations available on the market?

LeafSource is a natural unadulterated mineral complex it is not man made. The best way to understand why LeafSource is so much more effective than man made mineral compilations is to compare calcium found in broccoli to calcium in a concrete sidewalk.

You know the sidewalk you step on every day. That sidewalk is comprised largely of calcium, but how many of you would lick that sidewalk to get your daily calcium supply?

Even though minerals like calcium are all the same, what they are bound to makes all the difference to how the body accepts them and then uses them.

Now a stalk of organic broccoli… Do you think that would give you calcium? You bet it would, although not even a fraction as much as you’d get if you dragged your tongue on that sidewalk. The difference is that the broccoli has a form of calcium that is bound to organic substances in the plant, which makes that small amount of calcium 100% usable and healthy to the body .

This is also why almost every single mineral formula sold in your local pharmacy or health food store is almost completely ineffective. Firstly it is not found in it's most natural organic state and secondly it is either in isolation – all by it's lonesome – or found with a bunch of other inorganic minerals some formulator put together in some lab hoping for the best.

How soon will I see results?

LeafSource has been shown to lower inflammation by 104% in 5-7 days (Mercer school of Pharmacy). Most customers feel a noticeable improvement in joint discomfort and flexibility within 7-10 days.

Is my credit card safe?

Yes. EverOrganics uses PayPal 256 Bit Encryption technology to process your order. We do not keep your credit card number on file and have a flawless track record since 2003 when we processed our first online order.

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